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01 . What is the difference between an Assets Management Company and a Bank? ... The asset management companies are public limited companies as their exclusive purpose the exercise of joint management of assets, which are called for portfolios owned by third parties.

They are often specifically forbidden:
- To grant any form of credit;
- Provide guarantees;
- Accepting deposits
... among others.

Herein lies an important and distinctive separation between banks and asset management companies.

In brief, the asset management companies offer alternatives to traditional applications, allowing access to a management-focused, efficient and with expectations of return higher than conventional applications.
02 . What does "assets under management" means? ...
Assets under management (AUM) refers to the amount placed by investors in a given wealth management company, investment funds, hedge funds or pension funds.

Are an important metric in evaluating this type of management companies, as there is an appreciable amount of fixed costs in the business (computer systems since the imposition of regulators) and commissioning (especially the management fee) tends to be proportional to the amount managed.

That is, an increase in assets under management tends to have a more than proportional impact on the profitability of management activity
03 . Is there a ranking of Asset Management Companies? ...
Quarterly, CMVM (Comissão de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários), meaning Securities Market Comission, publishes a report which analyzes the Management of Assets in Portugal.

In this study, was developed a ranking with the market share of all public and depending on the amounts (assets) under management of the review period.

See here the Market Share of Golden Assets, Sociedade Gestora de Patrimónios, S.A..
04 . Is Golden Assets associated with any financial group? ...
The Golden Assets has no connection to any financial group, was formed exclusively with national capitals.

The fact of being independent allows us to choose which financial assets more efficiently meet the needs of our customers.
05 . What are the entities that regulate the activity of asset management companies? ...
The entities that oversee the activities of asset management companies are the CMVM and the Bank of Portugal.

The Golden Assets is active under Decree-Law No 163/94 of the 4th of June, the Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Corporations Code Securities.

Furthermore, it is supervised by the Bank of Portugal (No. 542) and by the CMVM (No. 148).

Supervision is done by sending the whole periodic information requested by the constant inspections to be carried out, with / without notice for any of the entities.

The Golden Assets also participates in the Investor Compensation Scheme.
06 . What are the fees charged by Golden Assets? ...
Golden Assets does not charge subscription or redemption fees.

Are only charged a fixed fee (management) and a performance fee in accordance with the strategy endorsed by each customer.
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